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September 22, 2013 / Klint

Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson Video Replay

The video replay of Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson Video Replay is now available at Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson Video Replay Highlights | Pinoythinking.

Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson Video Replay HERE>>>>

As Gustafsson began to put on a great performance, winning the fight on the scorecard of many observers (but very few media members), it became a thing to suddenly say that the marketing for the fight was actually not that bad. No, the marketing was bad. That Gustafsson was tall with reach Jones hadn’t had to deal with was obviously a factor in the fight and should have been talked about in the lead-up. But the head exploding promo and the way that they seemed to harp only on Gustafsson’s height didn’t sell him as a threat. That the height mattered in the fight doesn’t retroactively change that. He needed to be sold as a threat because of the sum of his skills, not just that he has long arms.

Right hand grazes Jones’ head. Body kick and inside leg kick by Jones. Two nice uppercuts and a right hand by Gustafsson. And a hard right hand. Hard step-in elbow by the champ lands. Gustafsson shoots and it’s stuffed. Stiff right by Jones now. Jones times a takedown and struggles to get it. But it goes. Gustafsson stands against the fence. Hard head kick for Jones and somehow the Swede seems fine. ANOTHER head kick, but Jones misses with a the spinning back elbow. Gustafsson looks exhausted but lands a spinning back fist. Both fighters are completely exhausted. Jones eats a jab but lands another head kick. Jones stuffs another takedown. Another head kick and hard elbow from Jones. Flying knee from Jones! Fight of the Year candidate, easily.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Jones and the fight 48-47 Jones

UFC 165 results: Jon Jones def. Alexander Gustafsson via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46)

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