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March 20, 2012 / Klint

All It Takes Is One Great Idea

"Think Different"

Pondering of doing things over and over again, every day and every night. The same result, no other than ordinary. As the genius Albert Einstein quoted “The definition of insanity, is doing things over and over again, and yet, expecting a different result.”

I was once who expects a different result, a superior and extra ordinary result out of my normal doings. Frustration comes, dismayed, and felt despair. These were my daily job, my daily task, my daily routine, and as a normal with other people who keep on complaining all their lives hence adding stress to it. I was one of those people who keep longing for a change for self improvement, but, how can it be? Tired of work on full 8 hours not giving more time and work for myself instead working for a prestigious  company as a corporate slave with a decent pay.

I realized, I’m on the same track, the complaining and expecting more and more out of nothing but ordinary track. As explained on Einstein’s quote, this is a big insanity. Face your sane, of being you, of being me, of being us, in this universe.

People who live their life to the fullest than majority of people have had done.  They are great, to mention, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Isaac Newton, Thomas Alva Edison, recent were Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Aamir Khan, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Bill Gates, and the few others in this universe.

Why they’re different from the masses, why they standout among the rest? Is it about genes? Absolutely not, for God created man in equal being.

The names mentioned; It is because they are different. They know how to break the rules of the game on their expertise. Their thoughts are different. They think different. They have passion for what they want to do. Love and hardwork they have as Edison quoted ” I haven’t failed. I haven’t discourage. I just found 10, 000 ways that won’t work.”  before he finally patent the electric light. He know the secret, Excellency is his habit. He keep on trying until he succeed, because failures were just his stepping stone to success. As Michael Jordan said “I can accept failure, what I can’t accept is If I’m not trying, for I failed over and over again.”. Their principle can be applied in any fields of expertise, may in sport, may in engineering, may in business, and any thing is applicable.

Probably, you’re just sitting right now, exactly, reading this unreliable article, but you can’t believe if you will not put yourself out of the box, just be different on what others mostly think, dare not to listen to them, because every man is great as Mohammad Ali quoted “I want to know you how great I am”, and he was a great boxer. Just think positive, gain confidence, don’t be discourage for what you want to do in your life, for you are the keyholder of your own. Chase excellence in every field of expertise, if you are a student, study with all your heart not just for grades. Follow excellence, because success will just part of it as it will chase towards excellence. Put yourself beyond limitations.

If you can think of a different way, put into action, whether you are ready or not,  imagination is even greater than reality. What you have now is the result of the past. Don’t think about the past, think what you have to do right now, the present. It’s not too late but an eye opener(s) for all of us. Follow what your passion is. If you love photography, then save money to buy your camera you want. If you want to be a great engineer as great as Nikola Tesla, then, you can be, all you need is to put into action, be passionate for study, certificates are just for the government but not for you, what its in you, the greatness of your knowledge and thoughts that you have as an engineer in the future. If you want to be a great painter,  then, paint different kind of techniques will apply, try and try perfection on your craft, for you to have achieve the perfect masterpiece of your paintings. If you want to be a teacher, then be a good student, act to be a right model for everyone around you as a teacher. You can be what you want, if  you want to, with God’s providence.

Think about it, what can I have to do in this living world? What can I contribute? What’s my purpose? Then start with a single step. We will start with a single step, since “The journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step.” It only takes one great idea, then, put your action. Live with your dreams, face your fears. Think positive, think different, in this difficult world, because, you will see every opportunity in every difficult situation not seeing those problems in every difficult situation. We can make it! Just be who you for a reason, wake up on your dreams, and live on it, to make those dreams come true!

God bless!

PS: This article is subject for grammar errors, incorrect spelling, and opinionated ideas. Since the author is not a professional writer but a trying hard writer of his own. Thank you for your consideration and patience. ^_^ \m/

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